HVAC Replacement

Residential HVAC Replacement

Residential HVAC Replacement

There comes a time when your old Heating & Air Conditioning System just won't cut it anymore. We make sure to properly size & install your new heating & air system to perform the way it was designed. We never take the easy way out, but make sure to do the job the way it should be done...right.


Whole House Fans

Whole House Fans

Whole house fans have come a long way. In the past they sounded like an airplane was landing when the whole house fan was on. Now they don't make much more noise than your return air (the place that you change the filter...if you change the filter...ever). Whole house fans are a great option for reducing energy consumption and keeping the house cool & full of fresh air. A whole house fan pulls fresh air from the outside and forces the air through the attic and out the vents, reducing the attic temperature & making it easier to maintain a comfortable temperature in the home or business. Whole house fans are very reasonable to install & require almost zero maintenance. 

Service & Repair

As Heating & Air Superheroes, we always try to fix the issue, at the best possible value to the customer. No one likes to be taken advantage of, so we will give you an honest evaluation and provide a fair & reasonable solution. There's no HVAC problem too big or small for the Heating & Air Brothers of Sorber Mechanical. 


From 1 -Ton Mini Splits to 20+ Ton Chillers. The brothers at Sorber Mechanical can install whatever you need to heat and cool your home or business.




Mini Split Condenser
Mini Split Indoor Unit

A Mini Split is a great option for areas in your home that do not get enough heat or air conditioning or for room additions. Mini Splits are ductless, therefore they can go where no central Heat & A/C has gone before. Mini Splits are super high in efficiency and provide both Heat & Cool.



Commercial Chiller

Chillers are often used in large HVAC applications as well as for maintaining product or liquid temperatures. How do you think those wineries make such a tasty white wine?